Round 14 Scores
Seniors Doveton 11-18-84 def Keysborough 5-7-37
Reserves Doveton  9-14-68 def Keysborough 7-5-47

A Grade Doveton 35 def by Parkdale Vultures 39
B Grade Doveton 28 def by Heatherton 47
C Grade Doveton 27 def by Narre Sth Saints 39
                          1982, 83, 84  REUNION
Great day had by all at the 1982,83,84 reunion on Saturday catching up with players, officials and supporters of that awesome time in the club history. We were entertaind by the legendary Kevin Sheedy giving us an insight into what it was like to make the big time and some of the characters along the way. To all those who travelled from interstate and country Victoria thanks for the effort and hope you had a great day catching up with old mates.
                             (Sorry I have no pictures)
Round 13 Scores
Seniors Doveton 18-12-120 def Highett 8-8-56
Reserves Doveton  8-13-61 def Highett 5-7-37

A Grade Doveton 38 def by Hampton Hammers 39
B Grade Doveton 26 def by Bentliegh 78
C Grade Doveton 40 def Frankston Bombers 39